Establishing a Roulette System That Works

With the popularity of online roulette among online casino players, a lot of people who are interested in the game and want to up their chances of possibly winning are looking for roulette systems— strategies that they may implement when playing the game. The goal is to reduce the edge of the house as effectively as you can while also finding which specific bets are going to help you win more.

Here are some of the things that you need to consider to help you make the right decisions when it comes to roulette systems.

House Advantage

You’ll find that there are actually two roulette wheel types you can choose to play on.

The first type is the American roulette where there are a total of 38 slots that are numbered from 1 to 36 and then 0 and 00. Apparently, many seasoned players think that this makes the game less fair to the player because the two slot zeros give the house a gain of up to 5.26%, which is unfair.

Then there is the European roulette. The wheel has a total of 37 slots with numbers starting from 0 through 36. To seasoned roulette players, the presence of just a single zero is advantageous to them as this pulls the house odds down to 2.70%— which is significantly lower compared to the house odds of the American version.

What you must understand is that house advantage is always going to stay the same no matter what kind of roulette system you decide to implement. It will never go away.

Roulette Schemes

The reason that the house odds are never going to go away no matter what type of roulette system you implement is that the game itself is based on pure chance. This means that despite the type fo system you will implement, it is not going to reduce or increase the house advantage.

Roulette systems are generally based on determining the next hit based on the chances of the previous spin. These systems refer to past figures to effectively predict what the next spin is going to be— which allows them to determine which spot would make for a good bet with the hope that it is exactly what will come up while the wheel is spun and they win.

However, when every spin does not relate to any previous spin, employing a roulette system is just not going to work. After all, no matter what you do will still not have any relevance to whatever the future outcome will be once the wheel is spun. Remember that every system is sold based on how good and effective it is at predicting the future based on past data.

Play European Roulette

The lower house odds posed by European roulette means you are better off playing this version of the game compared to the American one. When placing bets, make sure to select those that will mirror their respective payout counterparts. Find a wheel which has the en prison rule. This is because when betting even while the ball ends up in zero, your wager isn’t lost but will just be held hostage or imprisoned and you can have it move forwards when you make your next spin. For this particular bet, you reduce the house odds down to 1.35%.

Reduce the House Advantage

The best thing you are capable of doing is to try and chip off the house advantage as best as possible. This will help you get as much chance to make money while also being able to enjoy the excitement and thrill that roulette offers. Avoid buying systems too. If you can, it is best to figure out your own system based on how you have observed the game as it is played.