Common Blackjack Myths Debunked

Over the years, there have been loads of blackjack myths that have floated around. Due to the prevalence of these myths, a lot of players’ performances have been affected by them. While these myths first came to be in the hopes that they would make sense of the game and in a way, provide players with a much higher winning chance, many have experienced quite the opposite. So, before you end up becoming one of those that will make a misstep when playing the game due to following these myths, here are a few that we have debunked for you.

Third Base Position

For some reason, many blackjack players seem to avoid occupying the remaining seat along the left side. There is a prevailing belief that the person who will take the seat can strongly affect how the entire game is going to turn out. In the event that things do not go well, it’s usually the player that occupies this seat that is considered to have caused the turn of events.

As a result, the seat seems to be reserved for seasoned and highly experienced blackjack players as they are usually the one that can easily score a win. On a stronger perspective, however, it could be viewed that this just doesn’t have any foundation at all.

There is just no way that a player’s winning possibilities could be influenced and affected by another. Every player’s winning chances are independent of each other.

What can actually have an impact on the game is the overall talents and proficiency of the player and definitely not the seat he is occupying.

Bad Luck Magnet

Players that exude to a certain energy or those that would rather not employ a strategy are often considered as magnets for bad luck. As a result, most enthusiasts of the game seem to steer clear from this player’s path for fear that they might end up facing a losing streak as a result of playing with this particular individual.

However, in the same way as a seat cannot have any influence on how a game turns out, a player’ energy nor his refusal to employ a strategy when playing isn’t also not going to have any bearing in the direction that the game is going.

If their technique is weak or their strategy is non-existent at all, this should not have any bearing on how you and the remainder of the players in the table are going to perform. The only player that should suffer the consequences is the player himself for not being experienced and learned enough to navigate their way through the game.

Myths surrounding the blackjack game have been going around for the longest time. However, these do not have any factual basis and are merely just old wives tales that should have no bearing whatsoever to your performance when you play. What you should focus on instead, is learn the rules and the basics of the game. Also, practice will really make perfect so the more time you spend playing the game, the more you can expect to perform better.