Blackjack Variations You Probably Aren’t Aware Of

One notable characteristic of the blackjack game is diversity. Unlike many online casino games that offer just about the same gameplay, blackjack is replete with diverse variations that make it more interesting to play. Every variation often gets attached with its own rules.

Understanding these rules is crucial for every player before taking the plunge. Some people made the mistake of playing a specific variation of the game somehow the same as they did a different variation only to lose money as a result. While most of the tweaks to these rules may be minor at most, it wouldn’t hurt to familiarize yourself with these differences to at least help you come up with a more effective winning strategy.


The game is played using two decks and the dealer should stand on 17. Not Like the traditional game, this type of blackjack will only let players double down on 11 and 9.

Highly aggressive players might find this to be a bit limiting. Many traditional blackjack players are known to double down the moment they see that the dealer possesses a 6 or a 5. Also, a player isn’t permitted to split any more after already splitting once.

They aren’t also allowed to make a double bet on a split. Players aren’t allowed to surrender and the house usually has about 0.39% odds.

Atlantic City

This version is played with 8 decks. Players may double right after a split or on their initial two cards. A split can even be split further in order to form a total of three hands. In this version, the dealer will need to check if there are Blackjacks before moving on. Also, late surrenders are allowed in the game. People who want to play the game can expect a 0.35% house edge.

Double Exposure

One of the reasons that this variation of the blackjack game is very popular is the fact that it offers quite some good winning odds to players. In this version, the dealer cards will be dealt with their faces up. While this might seem like a good deal, the game also dictates that the dealer will win every tie with the exception only being blackjacks.

Another catch is that you only get paid even money for blackjacks. Also, you won’t get any bonus for actually getting it. You’ll get 8 decks of cards and a shoe when playing the game. The dealer hits on a soft 17. Hands can also be split into four different hands. Also, double downs are limited to 11 and 9. In addition, if you decide to split aces, you’ll also have to get a final card for each of the hands. In this game, expect the house odds at 0.69%