Blackjack Recommendations for Online Casino Beginners

Blackjack is a game where the goal is to win against the house by getting your card total as close to 21 as possible without going over it. The game starts when the dealer provides each player with two cards, where the player will have to decide whether to increase their cards or not. The game will be won when a player has cards that total to 21 which could be a combination of any face cards or a 10 and an Ace. You also win when you have the highest value card total. Generally, the winning cards are usually those with a value of 16 to 21. Note that you cannot go over 21 though as that would mean you lose.

The exception to this is the dealer because his hand will have one card facing up and one card facing down. This is where strategies come into play as players decide whether to hit, double or stand depending on the dealer’s visible hand.

In the game, bets are crucial. This is because they are placed long before the dealer distributes the cards. In different card games, a card has at least been given to each player before they are required to place a bet. In blackjack, cards are usually dealt in a manner that the players will see all of the cards.

In the game, getting a hand with a total of 20 and up but not over 21 is considered the easiest win as a way of ensuring that your hand is indeed better than what the dealer has. You may be able to win by having a 17 although this will be incredibly difficult since the dealer will also have to stand on seventeen based on basic blackjack rules.

In the event that you are dealt the same hands, the card’s face value will be taken into consideration. Standing on a hand of 17 is usually not a good strategy unless your dealer’s hand is at 6 or lower. This is also a strategy to consider if you happen to have a soft hand or you have an Ace. Hitting hard on 17 isn’t also a sound strategy as this has a much higher bust chance.

When it comes to hands, you will either have a soft or a hard hand. A hard hand is a straight hand which means that the value of the cards cannot be interchanged. This means that the card that will be dealt next will be the deciding factor whether a player wins or loses. This means that if you have a hand that doesn’t have an Ace card or has an Ace with only 1 as a value is considered a hard hand.

Meanwhile, when you have a hand that has an Ace that can be tallied as 11, then it is considered as a soft hand. In blackjack, the Ace card is automatically assigned the value of 11. The exception to this is when there is a need for the player to have its value reduced wherein it can be cited as 1.

Making sure that you apply this strategy to a hand with a value of 18 is important. If your dealer has a card with a value from 9 all through an Ace, know that your winning chances are very small. It is best to hit in order to obtain an additional card when you have a soft hand.

Only consider standing if the dealer has an 8, 7 or 2. If his card is 6, 5, 4, or 3, make sure to double down.

Also, if you have a hand with a total value of 19 and the dealer’s visible card shows a 10 or an Ace, then it is a strong hand. When playing blackjack, it doesn’t hurt to learn not just the basics of the game but also some strategies that might increase your winning chances. Don’t pressure yourself too much though. What matters most is you have fun.