American Roulette— Delving into the Basics

American roulette, like any roulette game, is one based on chance. It is a betting game and whether you win or not will be determined by the specific spot where the board stops when it gets spun. If you want to know how to better play the game, here are some important details you need to know about.

The game is known to feature 38 slots. The slots are numbered from 0 to 36 and there is one extra slot with the 00 mark. The numbers are usually alternated between odd and even ones, and are alternated between red and black colors as well. The exceptions to these colors are the slots for 00 and 0 as it is colored green.  Game action starts the moment the roulette wheel is spun by the dealer while also rolling the ball in a direction opposite to the way the roulette wheel is spun. Eventually, the ball will slow down and then will drop on a specific spot which will determine whether your bet has won or not.

Roulette players don’t really need to learn formulas or some complicated game rules and strategies before they could start playing, the game is simple and straightforward enough that even a total casino newbie will be able to start playing it right then and there.

It’s that player-friendly. When playing the game, players are tasked to determine what bets they would like to place and where they would choose to place them.

If you are interested in making an inside bet, you can go for a straight one where the ball ends up landing on a specific number. Splits are where you bet that the roulette ball settles on two numbers located side by side on the roulette wheel. Bets of three numbers or trio bets mean that you’ll win if the ball stops on a number that happen to be part of a particular row. A square,  four-number or corner bet means you’ll win the moment the balls land on a number that is part of the four numbers touching each other. Five-number bets let you win if the ball settles on 3, 2, 1, 00, or 0. You win a six-number bet when the ball gets to one out of six numbers in a dual row, positioned side by side.

Among the outer bets include a red bet where you bet for the ball to drop on a red-colored  slot or a black slot which is basically betting on a black spot. Even bets wager that the roulette ball stops on an even number and an odd bet predicts that the ball settles on an odd spot.

Low bets mean wagering that the roulette ball lands between numbers 1 to 18. High ones mean you expect the ball to fall between 19 to 36. Dozen bets divide the table into a section of three and you wager on the section which you think the ball is going to land. Meanwhile, column bets are where you predict the bet to land on a pacific column you have decided to bet on.

With American roulette, the most that you are required to do is decide where to place the best. Now, whether you win or not will really just have to be left to chance.